About Us

We are a solution provider to various industries including:

  • Real Estate
  • Educational Institutions
  • Legal practitioners
  • Religious institutions
  • etc.

The Xerente development team includes MI and financial system Developers, Owners, Agents and Managers from various business sectors.

Our association with Cyber Infrastructure ensures fast and efficient delivery and up to date technology.

The eclectic team makes for an exquisite resource and knowledge group and coupled with best practice, modern methodologies and technology, Xerente offers eXcellence.

“Xerente” comes from the Galician language (spoken in parts of  Spain and Portugal).

It simply means Manage  – a succinct description for what our advanced software systems will do for many of the tasks your business deals with, daily.

‘Xerénte’ also just happens to be the name of a remote tribe in the jungles of central Brazil.

So…whether you are in the urban jungle or on a remote island vacation, access our systems online anytime on any device.

Xerente is eXellente!